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Game Unicycle King

Tags: dua xe, food serving, bạn gái, nấu ăn

Become the King of Unicycling by keeping your unicycle in perfect balance while avoiding obstacles Use the left and right arrow keys to move your unicyle around
Clear the background texture in each box as you align 3 or more of the same symbols. This game is played with mouse only.
More cars mean more traffic lights. But who is controlling those lights? This funny traffic game will put this trusty jobs into your hands. Control the traffic anyway you like, but remember, car drivers can be very impatient! This game is played with mouse only
Serve food according to the list of orders. Follow the order carefully! This game is played with mouse only.
You have to go out into canyon and save people and animals from the rising flood waters. if you're too slow, they will drown. Use Mouse to interact.
The pub is open with different types of alcoholic drinks. You'll have to make the Boozer drink the stuff within the time duration (2mins) and also prevent him from falling down. Use Left and Right Arrow to Balance. Use shift key to pour the alcohol from bottle to glass. Use Space bar to make him drink the alcohol which gets poured into the glass
Tower Defense with new levels, new bloons, towers and upgrades! Use your mouse to place/buy towers.