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Game Year One: Rock Paper Scissors

Tags: dua xe, hanh dong, da bong, hành động, chiến thuật

Win 3 times in rock paper scissors to win the whole game. This game is played with mouse only.
Carefully drive your car as you park without hitting people or other vehicles. Up Arrow Key - Accelerate. Left / Right Arrow Keys - Turn. Down Arrow Key - Brake / Reverse.
Pick one of the five delicious cakes and try to reproduce them by using the correct ingredients. this game is played with mouse only.
You have a car and run people over but it's OK because they're like zombies or something. Use arrow keys to move.
How long can you survive before you get sacked? Arrow keys - move. Spacebar - throw.
Medieval real-time strategy game where you have to run you castle deciding what to build and which units to train in order to defeat your enemy's castle. Use you mouse to select options and to interact.
You must find the 15 hidden clues to defend your case in court! Use mouse to interact.
Shoot with your canon and free the bees trapped in the bubbles. Mouse - Aim and Shoot. Up Arrow Key - Jump. Left / Right Arrow Key - Move.
Prince Charles invites Barack Obama to the UK but guess what the KKK have come to get him do you think Our Hero Can stop them? A / D - Move. Mouse - Aim / Shoot.