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Game Tunnel Drive

Tags: dua xe, lái xe, trốn tránh, xe hơi, thể thao, đua xe

Play this Tunnel Drive game where you can feel the tunnel swirling as you maneuver you car to both the sides. You will have to achieve the target denoted for the Dollars, Stars and Diamonds to proceed to the next stage. While Driving avoid the dynamites and traffic cones, as they reduce speed. Avoid getting to the extreme ends, as the game gets over. Collecting dollars(200) , stars (600 points) and diamond (350 points) increases the points, and the bonus card (500 points) that come in the way also boosts up your points. To increase speed, grab the speed booster as and when you are Driving. Right Arrow - Move Right. Left Arrow - Move Left.
Chơi Trò Chơi Này ổ đĩa đường Hầm, Nơi Bạn Có Thể Cảm Thấy đường Hầm Xoáy Như Bạn Cơ động Bạn Xe Cho Cả Hai Bên.