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Game SpongeBob Sea shells

Tags: nau an, food serving, hanh dong, bạn gái, nấu ăn

Fill with seashells the Patrick's bucket before the time finish. Move with the arrow keys. Use arrow keys to move. Space bar to throw the sea shell.
Manage your food shop as you serve your customers human body parts in their food. Yummy! This game is played with mouse only.
Help Garfield beat this pesky little rats in his cheese. Use mouse to interact.
You play as Raoul, a dog boy, trying to make a living in Monsterville as the finest burger vendor that ever lived. The aim of the game is to make the correct burgers for your customers and to earn enough reputation to enable you to work your way through each of the locations in Monsterville! This game is played with mouse only.
Your the mouse, avoid the bat and other enemies and collect as much cheese as possible. Use Arrow Keys to move.