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Game Rush Race

Tags: hanh dong, dua xe, bắn em lên, hành động, lái xe, xe hơi, thể thao, đua xe

Rush Race is a very cool mix of arcade shoot'em up and racing game. Use Mouse to interact.
đua Cao điểm Là Một Kết Hợp Rất Mát Mẻ Của Arcade Shoot Em Up Và Trò Chơi đua .
The mad Doctor Villainte has created a psychotropic radiator and declared himself dictator of the Universe! As a threat, he demonstrated his radiators capabilities on our capital. Now, the entire city has gone insane. People are killing each other, the police have turned into a menace to society, and gangsters are on the mad scientist payroll. We are assigning you with a top-secret car to fight him. And should you suddenly go mad yourself this will only help your cause. Only someone who is mad can sop another madman.