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Game Magic Mansion

Tags: kinh điển, trí tuệ

It is 1874 and Joseph Frost, the most fantastic magician that ever lived thrills audiences across the globe. As the world eagerly awaits Frosts greatest show, rumors begin to spread... he has vanished! It seems that Frosts magic hat has been sabotaged, causing it to release rampaging rabbits, crazed playing cards and half-sawn assistants! Now Frost is trapped in his family mansion. You must help his two young children, Eduardo and Demelza to rescue him from his manic mansion. Collect magical objects to win valuable points, grab them in a level and receive an extra life. Jump on the top hat for a special surprise. You must collect all the keys in a room to open a door and get to the next level. Do it quickly for big points. Complete all the rooms and rescue Fantastic Frost. For 1 or 2 players.