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Game Dwooz Shootout

Tags: ban sung, da bong, thể thao, bắn súng

Dwooz shootout is a funny game in which you have to shoot the Dwooz as far as you can, by using the catapult. The Dwooz is the famous character of is now it is featured in this funny and addictive game. The UFO in the game will bring and drop the Dwooz above the catapult. Use space bar to play the game.
Sometimes the game is won in penalty shots. Make that your goal, and not your opponent's! As a Striker: Hit Space to set the direction, height, and power of your shot. As Goalie: Click to move your goalkeeper to the spot in the goal where the X appears to block the next shot. Score against your opponent and block their penalty shots to move on to the next round!
Being an NBA guard is hard! I'd rather play with guns. Shoot basketballs and get some more bling bling firepower! This game is played with mouse only.
Adjust the angle and the power of the ball and shoot as many as you can. Use Mouse to interact.
Use your mouse to position the player, click and hold to start aiming, and release when the aim is right. The direction and strength of wind is shown on the board. Watch it and plan your shot accordingly. Use mouse to interact.
Can you goal against a monkey. click the coconut to kick it to the goal.
Pick the angle and the power that you give the soccer ball every time you kick. Try to score a goal. Use space bar to control the game.
Draw your pistol revolver magnum and shoot down the cowboys. Use Mouse to interact.
Shoot all your enemy robots in this very fun and exciting shooting game. Enemies may come out anywhere so be ready with your weapons. Enjoy! Mouse - Aim and shoot. Spacebar - Reload. Z / X / C / V - Change weapon.
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