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Game Cake Bakery

Tags: nấu Ăn, cô gái, nấu ăn, bạn gái

Even pastry chefs get the flu...that's when they call for backup from their magic sugardrop assistants! Use the Memo at the bottom left to see the ingredients for the cake you need to make. Start with the basic cake: Choose from Plain, Plain Choc, or Ice Cream cake. If the cake you need is not being offered by the little white helper, click him, and he will bring another one. Decorating: Look in the refrigerator and on the shelves to find the ingredients you need. For more shelf options, click on the rope next to the shelf. Drag the ingredients you need onto the cake. Finishing: Once you've dragged all of the necessary ingredients to the cake, click on it. Hints: If the ingredients disappear from the Memo, click "hint," in the bottom right corner.
Thậm Chí Các đầu Bếp Bánh Ngọt Bị Cúm ... đó Là Khi Họ Gọi Cho Sao Lưu Từ Trợ Lý Sugardrop Ma Thuật Của Họ!