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Game Bugs Bunny and Cecil in Mad Dash

Tags: hanh dong, dua xe, hành động, chiến thuật

An epic battle between a rabbit and a turtle Use arrow keys to move. Space bar to jump.
Look for the yellow star and try to get there before your opponent. Use arrow keys to move.
Betty wants to put some make up on her face, help her. Use mouse to interact.
Shoot out the lurkers or they will get you laid. Use the Arrow keys to move around. Hit the Spacebar to fire. Hit Control to reload (or Enter on Mac).
Play a game of bingo and beat your opponent in different game types of your choice. Enjoy playing bingo! Mouse - To interact.
Select a Ship. Use keyboard left and right arrow keys to turn your ship. Select a position on the game board to deploy your selected ship. Use your mouse to interact.