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Game The Haunted House

Giới thiệu về trò chơi Game The Haunted House

You have to be very brave in this Halloween game for girls because you will have to confront the ghosts that are there to make you scared. To get rid of the horrible ghosts you will have to throw big pumpkins at them This game is played with mouse only.
Shoot all monsters that pops out on your screen. Avoid not to hit people. This game is played with mouse only.
Make the building rubble below the height marker to win. This game is played with mouse only.
The object of the game is to wash, dry and fold the laundry. Use Mouse to interact.
Another matching puzzle, but with an evil twist! There's one match you Don't want to make, skulls! Skull matches rob your lives beware! Use Mouse to interact.
Defend your food and kill all insects before they attack. Left / Right Arrow Keys - Move. Spacebar - Shoot.
You have to be really quick each time the teacher looks around, to make sure he doesn’t catch you out and put you in detention!! This game is played with mouse only.
Try out different combinations of clothes and accessories and see what will suit her best. Use Mouse to interact.
Demolish the other cars so you wont have to share the world to anyone else. Use arrow keys to move.
Play as either Bush or Kerry W=Left upper cut A=Left job S=Right upper cut D=Right job
Bump the ball and your opponent to make a goal! Arrow Keys - Movement
The copter must reach the flag. You can hit walls without loosing health, but if you hit the mines you loose life. W - Upward. S - forward. A - Backward. D - Downward.
Assist the girl to target and shoot down the listed things. Click on the bow to pull the string and then release the hold on the mouse to shoot the target. Attain the target in each level within the given time duration and play higher levels. This game is played with mouse only.
The objective of the game is to let bubble girl float around in the ocean while collecting treasures from the deep. Be carefull that bubblegirl is not hitting sharp objects or her bubble will break!! Arrow Keys - Move. Spacebar - Float.
Pick the perfect wedding dress before the wedding begins. This game is played with mouse only.
Race around the Breakfast table as quickly as you can and avoid obstacle Space Bar=Accelerate Down Key=Reverse/Breaks Left Key=Turn Left Right Key=Turn right
The inquisitive person battles box, between two against a two! Prepare for four-handed fisticuffs! Left/Right Arrow keys- To move Biff and chiff left and right. V, B, N, M keys- To control their fists. Spacebar- To protect the twin's faces. K- Super Punch.
Pakya, the taxi driver, is frustrated and tired after a hard day's work and is now faced with another problem, parking. Help Pakya maneuver the wheel against the hijacked parking spaces before time runs out. A cramped parking space demands good driving skills. Good luck and enjoy parking! Arrow Keys - Move. Spacebar - Hand brake.
Make way to the shuttle and finally Escape this dreaded place! This game is played with mouse only.
Choose your own X-men team and fight your enemy by typing the first three letters of the name of the X-men you are playing when the ready signal appears. You can also change your current playing hero. Just press the back button after you're done practicing. Different timings result in different attacks, and they are stronger or weaker depending on their enemy villains. Enjoy! Mouse - To interact. Keyboard - To type in letters. 1,2,3 - Change team member.
Dress up your favorite Naruto characters with different styles of costumes that you like the most. Have fun dressing them! Mouse - To interact.
Thu Thập Tất Cả Các Quả Bom .

250 franc cho một câu hỏi ngớ ngẩn

Một thanh niên đi xem bói. Anh nói với thầy chiêm tinh:
- Tôi muốn biết về tương lai của mình.
- Tôi sẽ trả lời hai câu hỏi của anh với giá 500 franc.
- 500 franc cho hai câu hỏi! Bà có thấy là quá đắt không?
- Đắt với những câu hỏi ngớ ngẩn. Mời anh hỏi câu thứ hai.


- Đậu phụ mắm tôm..
- Thầy đồ lười nói dối
- Súng của cá

Bộ ngực lớn nhất

Hằng năm, ở nước nọ đều tổ chức cuộc thi "Người phụ nữ có bộ ngực lớn nhất", nhưng cái khó của cuộc thi là các thí sinh không được để lộ bộ ngực của mình mà chỉ thể hiện bằng lời nói. 
Thí sinh đầu tiên bước ra nói:
- Tôi không mặc vừa bất cứ món nào của tất cả các hãng đồ lót.
Cô thứ hai:
- Tôi thường nằm... ngửa và cho con bú qua nách.
Cô thứ ba mặc áo mưa chậm chạp lê từng bước ra:
- Thưa ban giám khảo, tôi tắm vòi hoa sen chưa bao giờ… ướt chân!